About Time Road

At Time Road we are unmatched in our commitment to innovation, creativity and service. Since 2009 we offer our clients excellent service and exquisite elegance with each of our products.

In our chain of stores we are dedicated exclusively to supplying the latest jewelery and watches in Spain. Our spaces have been created with Time Road's own personality, modern and minimalist. In them you can experience the same elegance that all our products share.

With its opening, the Festina Lotus Group brings to market a chain of stores specialized in watches and jewelery, which combine different concepts like prestige and accessibility.

We are always at the forefront of fashion in the jewelry and watch sector, and we faithfully adjust to the needs, tastes and demands of all clients.

At Time Road we accommodate renowned watch brands, such as Festina, Lotus, Calypso, Candino and Jaguar, as well as the most current jewelry from Lotus Style, Lotus Silver and the entire Time Road jewelry range.

Feel free, feel Time Road.